K Machine (FR)

Performance - 5 NOV

Dominique Baillot is a digital artist, painter, guitarist/producer, and computer programmer living in Paris. Until 2001 he mostly plays guitar in various rock bands, before starting his individual project 'Kolargones'. This project is a mix between his various fields of interest, which include biology/neurosciences and cognitives sciences (his initial academic training), painting and drawing, and music composition. Between 2001-2012 this project gives rise to drawings exhibitions, live musical performances and a few interventions as a VJ. During this period, one of his main concern is to try to investigate the possible links between visual and auditive experience, also known as synesthesia. This gives rise to many attempts to formalize some common structural principles between musical and graphics creation. In this research, he tries to combine both scientific knowledge concerning the functioning of the brain, and a more 'introspective' approach observing what sort of internal visuals he experiences when playing music, and what sort of internal sounds are evoked when drawing/painting. Finally since two years he focused more exclusively in the design and development of the "K Machine", a software design for live audiovisual performances.