Bunai Carus (BE)

(Mindwaves Music) // Live a/v - 4 NOV

Founded in 2013, Bunai Carus [bunaj kaʁys] is a collaboration between Jeremy Louis and Guillaume Quet that started in Montpellier and continues now in Brussels. Both former instrumental musicians from different backgrounds, they desired to create an audiovisual project that would draw inspiration from sound experimentation such as Autechre or Aphex Twin ones to the ambient landscape of Vladislav Delay among others. They blend various type of sounds like field recordings, contemporary classical samples and generated sounds with a visual to which they attach a great importance. So far they released six EP on various labels which have been referenced on Many Feet Under (ITA), Clear Error (US), Brainstormlab (UK), SymbioticCube (GE). They are now making part of Mindwaves Music (GE), where they are going to release their seventh EP, Neend.